What is a Nurse Call System?

A Wireless Nurse Call System is a type of communication system used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. It allows patients to alert their caregivers or nurses when they need assistance or have an emergency using a wireless call button or pendant.

The system consists of a central control panel or receiver, wireless call buttons or pendants worn by patients or residents, and wireless pagers or phones carried by caregivers. When a patient or resident presses the call button or pendant, the system sends a signal to the control panel, which then alerts the caregiver through their pager or phone.

Wireless Nurse Call Systems are designed to improve patient safety and staff efficiency by providing timely responses to patient requests or emergencies. They also offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional wired nurse call systems, as they can be easily installed and expanded without the need for extensive wiring or construction work.


Nurse Call Systems are important in healthcare facilities for several reasons:

    1. Improving patient care: Nurse call systems allow patients to quickly and easily communicate with healthcare staff, which can improve the quality of care they receive. In emergencies, rapid response times can mean the difference between life and death.
    2. Increasing efficiency: By streamlining communication between patients and healthcare staff, nurse call systems can help hospitals and healthcare facilities run more smoothly and efficiently. This can lead to faster response times, better patient outcomes, and lower costs.
    3. Enhancing patient satisfaction: Patients who feel heard and cared for are more likely to be satisfied with their healthcare experience. Nurse call systems can help patients feel more in control of their care and provide them with peace of mind knowing that help is always just a call away.
    4. Addressing staffing shortages: South Africa, like many other countries, is facing a shortage of healthcare staff. Nurse call systems can help alleviate some of the strain on staff by allowing them to respond quickly to patients' needs and reducing the need for constant rounds.
    5. Regulatory Compliance: Many healthcare facilities in South Africa are required to have nurse call systems in place to comply with regulatory standards. By implementing a nurse call system, healthcare facilities can ensure that they are meeting these requirements.

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The Benefits of a wireless Nurse Call System

  • Provides instant communication
  • Waterproof
  • Peace of mind
  • Easily upscaled
  • No extra cabling
  • Reduce healthcare worker fatigue
  • Provides the patient an increased sense of security
  • Fully-integrated communication and alarm system
  • Cost-effective, allowing your facility to be more profitable