Installing a fire alarm system is one of the most prudent measures you can take to manage your fire risk. If you don’t already have a fire alarm installed in your commercial building, consider making this addition as soon as possible. Don’t forget the importance of ongoing inspection and tests.

EyeDentiFire provides a comprehensive service for fire prevention systems from design to maintenance for small conventional systems or large addressable systems. Our services extend to offer fire detection systems connected with fire suppression systems such as Stat-X or FM200 depending on your environmental needs.


5 Reasons a Fire Prevention Sytem is important: 

Fire prevention systems are critical for protecting people, property, and assets from the devastating effects of fire. Here are some of the reasons why fire prevention systems are so important:

  1. Early detection: Fire prevention systems such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and flame detectors can detect the presence of fire in its early stages, giving occupants of a building sufficient time to evacuate and for the fire department to arrive.
  2. Quick response: Fire suppression systems, such as sprinkler systems, can quickly respond to a fire and suppress it before it has a chance to spread and cause significant damage.
  3. Protection of property and assets: Fire prevention systems can help protect property and assets from damage caused by fire, smoke, and water. This can help minimize the financial impact of a fire on individuals and businesses.
  4. Compliance with regulations: Many jurisdictions have regulations requiring the installation of fire prevention systems in buildings. Compliance with these regulations is important to avoid penalties and to ensure the safety of building occupants.
  5. Peace of mind: Having a properly installed and maintained fire prevention system can give building owners and occupants peace of mind, knowing that they are taking proactive steps to protect themselves, their property, and their assets.

In conclusion, fire prevention systems are critical for protecting people, property, and assets from the devastating effects of fire. Investing in the installation and maintenance of these systems is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and protection of individuals and businesses.

Fire detection systems are a necessity to conduct a safe and successful business. Our knowledge in the industry ensures that the correct system will be designed to suit your specified requirements. We offer an on-site Risk Assessment service to help you understand your designed system and ensure that it is designed in accordance with SANS standards and fits your unique safety needs.

There are different types of fire alarm systems, we look at the two most common systems and how they work so that our clients have a better understanding of the differences.

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We install the below brands
as well as many more:







  • Manual Callpoint
  • Fire Detection Beam
  • Zyteq Fire Detection
  • Apollo Fire Detection
  • Ziton Fire Detection
  • Bosch Fire Detection
  • Siemens Fire Detection
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Door Holding Magnets
  • Fire Detection Sounder