Fire alarm services consist of testing the fire alarm system in accordance with the recommendations of SANS 10139:2012. This ensures that it operates optimally according to its original design.

Advantages of routine Fire Alarm Services:

  • By scheduling routine maintenance, companies ensure that no laws are violated. In terms of SANS10400-T, it is an offence not to maintain a system and/or equipment that is installed for thepurpose of detecting, fighting, controlling, and extinguishing a fire
  • Periodic maintenance improves the reliability of the system between scheduled maintenance
  • Ensures that the fire alarm system remains compliant
  • Most fire alarms provide information about where the fire is located to emergency responders. An undetected malfunction in this information delivery process could delay firefighting efforts
  • False alarms could disrupt your daily operations and needlessly dispatch fire trucks to your location, possibly resulting in fees for repeat offenses
  • The alarm could fail to go off properly in a fire, putting people‚Äôs lives at risk
  • Insurance companies are more likely to pay claims when provided with testing and servicing reports of the fire system

fire alarm service